A sepulcher is a burial vault or tomb, most widely popularized by Jesus Christ. Sepulchritude is the morbidly biased, highly attitudinal Web site that includes a collection of well-read wits and artists -- mostly living in San Francisco -- who share a passion for the peculiarities of centuries past. Designed and maintained by Kallisti, a voluptuous raspberry-haired beauty with a satirical eye and nimble tongue, Sepulchritude is indispensable to all self-effacing creatures of the night and to most casual dilettantes of 17th-century esoterica. It offers art, literature, advice, humor, and brassy lessons in European history, as viewed through the splintered lens of a 21st-century Gothic sensibility. There is historic smut, including well-endowed illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley and 69 elegant ways to address a whore,... More >>>