It is common knowledge that we Californians are the undisputed masters of the hamburger dominion. Perhaps it's our long tradition of outdoor cookery -- it's warm enough here to cook alfresco, but cool enough to preclude the indoor relief of the air conditioner -- that gives us the experiential edge. Perhaps it's that culinary- cornucopia/end-of-the-rainbow talent for experimentation, so often scorned by the auslander, that lifts our burgers above the norm. In any case, venture beyond the state boundaries and risk exposure to skinny burgers, overcooked burgers, burgers the circumference of a Sacajawea dollar, burgers with all the rich satisfaction of sheet music roasted seven hours in a 525-degree toaster oven, or remain within and revel in the juicy masterpieces produced up and down the state: at the Diner in Yountville, the Avenue Grill in Mill Valley, the Chatter Box in Sutter Creek,... More >>>