The Venetian blinds are tightly closed in Anthony Chan's corner office, blocking out the afternoon sun and views of the yellow and purple petunias that decorate a nicely manicured lawn outside. The shades are drawn down the hall, too, in the room where George Chung works. The business partners are ensconced in their offices, desperately crunching numbers and calculating ways to keep their start-up company alive. With its stocks worth just $1.20 a share, American Champion Entertainment Inc. (ACEI) is dangerously close to flatlining. That's when the price goes under a dollar and the company is kicked off the NASDAQ list -- a familiar predicament for American Champion, which was already resuscitated by a reverse split in January. Investors were left with just one share of stock for every four they owned, and everyone knows the stockholders won't tolerate going through... More >>>