Like their simple candy-cane visual aesthetic, the White Stripes appear quite deliberately minimalist. Always dressed in red and white and adorning their records in that color scheme, the Stripes underscore the significance of their stark, direct sounds: most often just a crackling electric guitar and stomping drums backing Jack White's strong, emotive tenor voice. But, beneath their surface simplicity, the monochromatically styled Detroit brother-sister duo -- guitarist/vocalist Jack White and drummer Meg White -- have a streamlined musical sophistication. The White Stripes spat out their self-titled debut album on Sympathy for the Record Industry in June 1999, as well as a fistful of top-notch mid-fi garage rock singles that distance the duo from the tradition of underachiever slop-punk often passed off as rock 'n' roll revivalism. While the White Stripes' recordings are generally Spartan productions, the strength of Jack's glissando slide guitar playing, expressive vocals, and occasional piano and Meg's Troggs-styled lumbering beats defy the intentionally imposed... More >>>