As a wise man once said, unexpected travel invitations are dancing lessons from God, and for me, that statement has never rung so true as it did on a certain Sunday last fall. A friend needed a ride to what she called a barbecue in Napa; since I like barbecues, I quickly volunteered, only to discover on our arrival that the "barbecue" was actually a restaurant industry event known as the Big Biscuit. Our host, Preferred Meats, had borrowed a small winery for the afternoon, and asked a few clients to provide samples of their wares: Tra Vigne, Gary Danko, Lark Creek Inn, and some 30 or so other restaurants and purveyors of things gourmet. In other words, we were faced with a free, seemingly endless tasting menu (wine included) rich with venison terrine, buffalo tri-tip, foie gras over walnut bruschetta, duck prosciutto, oysters, rabbit, quail, squab, and even a bit of kangaroo... More >>>