He began working in the family store in Philadelphia at the age of 6, when most kids are still struggling to tie their shoes. He was educated first as a Catholic -- his mom's religion -- then as a Black Muslim -- his sister's faith -- and as a Holy Roller and a Baptist, thanks to his grandmothers. His mom noticed his interest in music and got him an organ when he was four, but he didn't like it. She sent him to accelerated visual art classes at Temple University when he was 12, but he didn't like that, either. Then one day, after his fellow high-school archery students used a neighbor's backyard as their bull's-eye and got the class canceled, he was given a choice: substitute archery with football, volleyball, or dance. At a slim 125 pounds, football would have been suicide, and he found volleyball a bore, so Robert Moses, choreographer and director of Robert Moses' KIN, chose dance. Then... More >>>