Human beings don't want to eat in airports. We find ourselves in airports, wanting to eat, but we don't always go away happy. Of course, it doesn't have to be that way, and now travelers at SFO have more than a dozen new gustatory alternatives at the recently opened International Terminal, a gorgeous space where clean, flowing, industrial sparseness meets the quiet, cavernous feel of a cathedral. To investigate a few of the more promising locales, my friend Alexandra and I spent two evenings at the terminal. We admired the brilliant green bamboo trees; we checked out a Native American basket exhibit; we got lost, but not for too long; and, of course, we ate. Since I like to state clear opinions in these reviews, I came up with a criterion for the five places we visited based on my own secret to dining while flying -- I make a sandwich ahead of time, and if I can't find anything better in the airport, I eat it. Thus, to earn a passing mark, the following eateries had to equal the satisfaction of a low-cost, zero-hassle sandwich from the Hugunin kitchen. And for the record: I make a mean tuna salad.... More >>>