It looks like spring has finally sprung in Northern California -- or at least it has in the Duboce Triangle, where an evening stroll to the crossroads of the F and the J does not require a jacket and the Upper Market palm trees don't look quite so outlandish. On one recent evening we celebrated the fragrant pleasures of the equinox (and an under-the-wire mailing of the old 1040) at Johnfrank, a restaurant that celebrates the seasons in its own gustatory way. Executive Chef Lance Dean Velasquez, whose earlier credits include the Ritz-Carlton under Gary Danko, Campton Place under Jan Birnbaum, and solitary stardom at Moose's and Mendocino's Heritage House, takes superior seasonal ingredients -- spring greens, asparagus, salmon, rhubarb -- and lets their flavors shine against an array of tastes and textures. The results are occasionally off-kilter but most... More >>>