For those who think rock 'n' roll is heaven, Marcus Durant is a musical high priest, spreading the Zen Guerrilla gospel from his San Francisco church. During live shows, the Afroed frontman shakes like Frankenstein clipped to a car battery, throwing feverish hands to the heavens, sinking to the floorboards, and conjuring the kind of raw rhythms for which Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. Durant is a mad mix of Elvis Presley and Otis Redding, a preacher intent on twisting early rock and soul into calls to the Almighty. Between songs, Durant constantly mumbles to the crowd, saying, "Thank you, thank you very much, fantabulous," as if he were a saved man. Meanwhile, the other members of Zen Guerrilla -- guitarist Rich Millman, bassist Carl Horne, and drummer Andy Duvall -- swarm around Durant like an angry hive, spastically conjuring a perfect blend of Motor City aggression, Seattle sludge,... More >>>