In the late '70s, when the alternaworld sprang fully formed and safety-pinned from the head of Zeus (or John Lydon, depending on whom you ask), a quieter rock revolution got under way on the tiny Pacific island of New Zealand. Toy Love leader Chris Knox of Dunedin, having seen his punk band gutted on the pyre of rock stardom, decided to blow off the outside world and create a home-grown scene. Along with friends at the fledgling Flying Nun label, Knox set out to help local bands pursue their unique, oddball muse, veering away from the prevalent trends of new wave, hardcore, and post-punk. Kiwipop, as the sound came to be known, was alternately doleful and goofy, ranging from Joy Division-ish mopery to irresistible power-pop. While the groups haven't garnered more than a cult following stateside, their records are... More >>>