San Francisco has a reputation for being a godless city. We're not sure why -- we certainly spend a lot of time on our knees! While we may not have much religious ferver here (except in the arena known as brunch), this doesn't mean we aren't ardent devotees where it truly counts. We speak, of course, of the iconic rock god David Bowie, whose wildly bouncing package in the '80s movie Labyrinth probably turned us gay. When it comes to all things Starman, we need to look no further than the First Church of the Sacred Silversexual, a cover cult band dedicated to the worship of the Thin White Duke. The Reverent Father Lysol Tony-Romeo leads tonight's service, Bowie on Broadway, which, in addition to music, includes a ch-ch-charming burlesque performance by Bowie beloveds Kitty Von Quim and Honey Penny, go-go dancing by The Pretty Things from the always arousing Lusty Lady, and live painting by local artist Nicole Valerie Schach. Break out your metallics, your tights, and your smudge-free guyliner for a "sermon" you won't soon forget. Oh, and if you've misplaced your face paint, fret not -- folks are on the scene to give your cheek its very best... More >>>