If Fisherman's Wharf symbolizes San Francisco at its tourist-pimping ticky-tackiest, Pier 39 is the neighborhood's quintessential microcosm. Built upon two levels of theme-park rigging, it has everything the wayfarer might require: pizza, burgers, sourdough bowls, and fish and chips to please the belly, and Alcatraz tours, seaplane excursions, bungee jumping, and celebrity sea lions to provide verisimilitude. There are T-shirt emporiums, places to purchase novelty headgear and Christmas decorations year-round, and quaint shoppes out of some barnacled Renaissance Faire, where short-sleeved sightseers who came to California expecting San Francisco to have the same climate as Palm Springs can duck in out of the wind and fog. There's even a Hard Rock Cafe under construction at the old site... More >>>