Motoring around in that slice of ungentrified real estate just south of the 101 overpass and just north of the Mission, we were peering out at the locked garages, dark warehouses, and empty sidewalks -- wondering if we'd ever see a human being again -- when we spotted a big, open gate scrawled with what looked like graffiti with a pool of light beyond. We parked, passed through the gate, and found ourselves in the front patio of a lively, humming, coolly elegant restaurant with music and laughter drifting out the front door. Everyone in San Francisco wants to find a little French eatery hidden away on some unmarked side street where the welcome is warm, the setting is unique, and the cuisine is out of this world -- which is why we were so delighted to realize that some of the most exciting food in the city is created and served in this tucked-away bistro many blocks removed from Hayes... More >>>