Upon first seeing it, I thought the word "filk" was a misprint. Having been decisively corrected, I now realize the ignorance and misfortune of my pampered social bubble. Filk, as a plural noun, are songs about science-fiction and fantasy adventures; songs about science-fiction and fantasy fans; songs about other filk songs, filk singers, or the overall phenomenon known as filk; or songs about anything with a tangential association -- such as NASA, computers, jousting, or the Society for Creative Anachronism. For example, take these lyrics (please): "I met a man in a spaceport bar/ A brief respite on a distant star," sung to the tune of the Beatles' "A Taste of Honey"; or "Dungeons & Dragons and trapped secret doors/ Rangers and fighters and mages and dwarves," sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"; or, worse yet, "Onion Rings to feed them all/ Onion Rings to find them/ Onion Rings to bring them all/ And in the darkness bind them," intoned by Tolkien fans. Of course, not all filk is parody; most of it, I have been assured, is original music and "brilliant" poetry of "epic" proportions. There are, in fact, filk clubs, filk recordings, filk publishers, filk conventions, and filk awards (called the Pegasus). Some say the "filk track"... More >>>