The art of matching food to beer hasn't quite attained the snob appeal of pairing the perfect wine to that juicy slab of porterhouse, but we're getting there. Now that microbrews are as much a part of the modern-day restaurantgoing experience as purple basil and cobalt-colored cocktails, it's inevitable that the pros and cons of pairing grilled Sonoma duckling with a nice, malty doppelbock should inspire discussion. Since the microbrew revolution was fomented in our own back yard at about the same time that artisan cheeses, hand-plucked spring greens, and small-batch breadstuffs were turning the Bay Area into Provence West -- introducing a generation of Bud-swillers to the diverse pleasures of Boont Amber, Red Tail, and Anchor Steam -- it's only natural that these two culinary vanguards should meet and mingle as deliciously as possible. Why shouldn't roast chicken be just as tasty with Mt. Tam Pale Ale as with an unassuming... More >>>