Once upon a time -- just after disco, during the early '80s -- house music emerged to tell stories. Before it became the party-hearty soundtrack for the bridge-and-tunnel gentry of the Chicago and New York clubs, house, as played by DJs like Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, had a certain intelligence to it. It folded elements like synth pop, dub reggae, techno, and jazz into its insistent 4/4 beat. Furthermore, those DJs' mix-soundtracks told the story of a durable, trend-hardened, and opaque late-night club lifestyle. Like most over-30 British DJs, James Taylor and David Brown -- who spin together as Swayzak -- adore the narrative spirit of those mixes, and the pair's contribution to the London club Fabric's mix series uses current house tunes like sentences to spin a... More >>>