There's a direct conduit between San Francisco and Brooklyn. On a recent trip while walking through my best friend's irrevocably Polish neighborhood, I ran into four San Franciscans in the space of six blocks. We waved and kept walking as if it were to be expected. My friend shook her head and said, "Hey, this is my town, Tudor." To which I replied, "Hey, this is Brooklyn." There are 90 different ethnic groups in Brooklyn (not including San Franciscan), 1,600 miles of street, nearly 3,300,000 potholes, and only one Madagascar Institute. The Madagascar Institute is like a slice of home, or heaven, if heaven is a place where you spill blood, sweat, tears, and elbow grease to create a sneak of giant metal weasels in hopes of changing your official institute title from "monkey" to "artstar." In the grand style of San Francisco's holy fools, Madagascans encourage education through the creative navigation of disaster, but they also offer an array of classes for the timid -- everything from sewing to auto repair -- and a slew of ongoing large-scale projects around which to wrap one's newfound monkey mind and hands. Want to star in your own Broadway musical? Hang out at the Madagascar Institute and you will (of course, by "on... More >>>