He's the least likable superstar in sports! The grouchiest home-run hitter in history! The man who makes President Bush look like a media-management expert during times of scandal! Yes, he's San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds, and as every local baseball fan knows, his name has surfaced in the federal investigation of an alleged steroid-distribution ring run out of the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative, or BALCO. Since he appeared before a San Francisco grand jury in December, Bonds -- who, when he's not snarling at the media, remains on pace to break Hank Aaron's all-time record for home runs -- has been the subject of endless speculation and debate, and the steroid issue has all but overshadowed the other story lines of spring. Though the groundswell of public opinion is pushing Major League Baseball to act against steroids, Bonds' budding legacy has largely gone untarnished and most tough questions have not been asked. Indeed, the majority of fans, media, and baseball officials seem willing to overlook yet another unsightly aspect of Bonds' character simply because he hits the ball... More >>>