I've never been to Greece, though I made a concerted effort one year when I was 16 and applied to a drama school in Delphi for a summer session. I think I was attracted as much to an imagined landscape of a brilliant white, rocky seacoast and bright blue crystalline sea as I was to the idea of learning about stagecraft at the source -- and I didn't know much about Greek food then, either. My parents had spent an adventurous six weeks Greek island-hopping, taking boats from port to port as the spirit moved them, and I did savor their stories of charcoal-broiled lamb (my father's favorite meat) and fish pulled from the sea and grilled with a slick of olive oil (the province of my mother). Olive trees figured heavily in my mental picture of the country, with bent-over, black-clad crones leading donkeys on paths under the gray-green trees laden with fruit. I thought the... More >>>