I am standing in front of an elegant bird cage, staring through the gilt bars. There is a gas flame trapped inside, a flame the color of molten amethyst with bright red filaments burning at its center, and it is speaking to me. The delicate tongue of fire undulates and oscillates with the cadence of its own utterance. The voice is powerful, familiar, inciting me to join its cause. I am hypnotized. A light breeze rolls over my shoulder, causing the flame and the voice to waver and cut out briefly. I am struck by an immeasurable sadness and the urge to protect the voice from the wind, but as I turn to find the source of the air current, I am reminded that this is not the only bird cage in the large white room where I stand. There are other cages, each with a fiery voice urging me to heed its call. I am overwhelmed, staggered by beauty... More >>>