Hey, kids! There's a presidential election approaching in November, and even though you can't vote yet, the Republican Party wants you to know it's left no child behind. To prove it, GOP activists are passing out "lifelike" portraits of the party's titans -- including former President Ronald Reagan, President George W. Bush, and action star/Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- at county fairs and other down-home events, encouraging children to color in the visage of a Great American (or Austrian). But you know Dog Bites' motto: Why should kids have all the fun? We're reprinting the portraits here for the benefit of San Francisco's considerable artistic community. While you're watching the Democratic National Convention this week, take up a crayon, draw in a background, or use the pictures to make your very own "Dennis Kucinich for President" sign, and make sure you show your friends! And show us, too, by... More >>>