Capturing DJs Derrick Carter and Mark Farina in their element -- that is, spinning back-to-back sets to a packed house last February at Om's monthly party at Mezzanine -- this double disc attempts to put you smack in the middle of an extended deep house moment, and in many ways it feels every bit like a dank and sweaty night out. If you've experienced either of these fellows doing their thing, you know how they can lock into a groove and keep you there indefinitely. Farina does just that on his half, keeping his head -- and yours -- down with some no-nonsense, dubby house from JT Donaldson, Vibezelect, and To-Ka Project. Carter retains the mood with his portion, although with significantly more grind and dirt, spinning tracks from Daft Punk, Inland Knights, and Freaks. Still, though these two manage to bring the beats, the crowd noise on the recording is decidedly limp, making for a live CD that falls just shy of what you would expect to get in the bowels of a nightclub... More >>>