My education in Peruvian food was carried out, most enjoyably, at two modest restaurants in Los Angeles, one on the west side (but only just), one on the east side (ditto), separated by some 10 miles but sharing certain similarities: Both were in small strip malls and both featured large portions of tasty food at reasonable prices. At El Pollo Inka, you ate papas a la huancaina, firm slices of boiled potato in bland cheese sauce, followed by delicious rotisserie chicken, washed down with chicha morada, a sweet drink made from purple corn. At Mario's Peruvian & Seafood, you ate raw seafood bathed in citrus juices and amped with chilies to make firm seviches, followed by boiled mussels with onions, fried fish fillets, and tomato-y fish stews and sautés. Both restaurants were very popular and... More >>>