Who are the beautiful losers? They're the kids who sneak into parking garages late at night to sail their skateboards over smooth asphalt, with a loose-limbed freedom sweetened by transgression. They're the aerosol artists who leave their mark on sleeping subway cars, broadcasting their names to the city that ignores them all day long. They're the dreamers who pay the rent with a part-time gig at Copy Central, smuggling home Wite-Out to draw with. Beautiful losers are not cut out for the office, for the 9-to-5 grind, for the soul-numbing hum of overhead fluorescents and the chastisements of middle managers. Fiercely creative, they define themselves not by what they consume, but by what they do with the raw materials life's dished them. In a culture where choosing just the right couch from IKEA counts as creative expression, they're happy to be... More >>>