Jaron Nunnemaker looks ready to die for his country. He's dressed entirely in black -- black cowboy hat, shirt, vest, jeans, and chaps. The only other colors he wears are a touch of gold and white (in the "Army of One" logo) and the red, white, and blue of a small American flag on his chest. In one motion he hops from the catwalk into the fray, landing on the chocolate-brown back of a 2,000-pound Oklahoma monster called Iceman, whose cool name belies his fiery disposition. In the 10-by-4-foot chute, the 30-year-old Northern California rider tightens the rope around the underside of the massive Brangus (half Brahma, half Angus) bull, making a snug noose around his black riding glove with quick, expert motions. Below him, Iceman -- irritated by the blaring guitars on the arena's sound system and coked up on a 40cc shot of vitamin B complexes -- shudders and quakes, slamming his horns into the welded... More >>>