Most folks in the United States don't read for pleasure very much, often opting for the action of 500-channel satellite TV, Sony PlayStation, or Internet porn over mere words on the page. But in the Bay Area, it's a different story. Not only does San Francisco boast one of the top literary scenes in the nation -- authors like Maxine Hong Kingston, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) live and work around here -- but also quite a few nonwriter residents actually buy books and (gasp!) read them. Every day you'll spot these exotic creatures in the city's cafes and saloons, at bus stops and on BART, outside libraries and independent bookstores, with glassy eyes darting across texts that spark firestorms in the language centers of the brain. Yet even in this hyperliterate town there are those who still think that words can't possibly be as much fun as, say, a Giants game... More >>>