When we think of the weapons of war, it's usually guns and bombs and tanks that come to mind. But a major tool of destruction that's used globally is one that most people don't consider: paper. Psychological warfare -- an effort to confuse, intimidate, influence, or otherwise undermine an enemy or opponent -- often manifests in a tactic known as aerial propaganda, in which military bombers drop leaflets onto the nation whose ass they intend to kick. Sometimes it's done to inform the citizenry about its options, but more often than not it's to scare soldiers and civilians into surrendering. Technically, these leaflets are known as Psychological Operations (PsyOps), but they're also nicknamed "paper bullets," and the United States loves them: We've dropped more than 80 million on Iraq since our latest conflict began, for example. Intersection for the Arts took a collection of these materials used by various nations and asked nine artists to respond to them with their own work; the... More >>>