In Japan, the march of industry has created the "dark factory," which is staffed entirely by robots and so never needs to turn on the lights; likewise, noise/dub/industrial trio Wolf Eyes remembers humanity only by its absence. The voice on "Stabbed in the Head" strains like a death metal station that broadcasts on short-wave, but the electronics come through in digital perfection, from drilling high tones to beats that pulse like pigeons hitting a Tesla coil. This is Wolf Eyes' first disc for a major indie, and it covers more stylistic ground than any of the dozens of CD-Rs and cassettes that preceded it; but label deal or no, this may be the group's harshest Brillo Q-tip yet. In a fringe rock scene that's awash in noise, Wolf Eyes takes the lead for its rigorous innovation and unyielding pacing. This is the state of the art in... More >>>