It's a little past noon, and the peculiar, somewhat mysterious workings of the reggae business are already in full swing at Wisdom Records in the Outer Mission, the only record store specializing in reggae dancehall in Northern California. Local DJ Jahyzer (pronounced "jah wiser") is helping himself to a dictionary-thick stack of this week's new 45s from Jamaica, many of which sport only a no-tell white label. Robert Rankin, a balding, fatherly looking white guy who helped establish the Bay Area reggae scene in the early '80s with the trailblazing Massive Sound International, is eagerly previewing his own fresh shipment with a pair of headphones. The shop's proprietor, I-vier ("Javier" with the Rastafarian "I" sound replacing the "Ja"), keeps the most recent releases behind the counter, Jamaican style, available only to those in the know enough to ask for them by name or... More >>>