The Golden Arches emblazoned with "Phat Food" and the jaillike columns of the Supreme Court pictured with the slogan "Your Apathy Is Our Strength" -- these are just two of the "refaced" billboards found in the boroughs of New York City. A slightly disheveled, potbellied father of two may not seem the likely source of such anti-advertising stunts, but the fortysomething artist Ron English has "liberated" more than 1,000 billboards with subversive messages like these. Because his pieces so closely resemble the corporate ads he's skewering, they're often mistaken for Madison Avenue's latest creations. For example, his lampoon of Apple's "Think Different" campaign, featuring a demonic-looking Charles Manson, gazed out over NYC's East Village for two months. And his takeoff on Joe Camel -- hawking cancer instead of cigarettes -- appeared so real that many argue it contributed to the cigarette company's decision to stop using the... More >>>