When BALCO founder Victor Conte and two of his co-defendants pleaded guilty in mid-July to steroid distribution and money laundering charges, it marked an end to the sports world's most far-reaching and iconic drug scandal. It also meant that Barry Bonds, the Giants superstar whose trainer and childhood friend joined Conte in pleading guilty, would not have to take the stand and testify -- in a closely watched, media-saturated trial -- about his alleged drug use, and the impact those drugs might have had on his historic chase for the home-run record. And so the public, which might very well balk at the light sentences handed down (only four months in prison for Conte) after all the Bush administration's tough talk on steroids in sports, will likely be kept in the dark about which players were using what, and whether Major League Baseball and its ever-bumbling commissioner, Bud Selig, could have done more to... More >>>