The world-famous Love Parade returns to San Francisco for its second year here on Saturday, Sept. 24, which means the local dance-music scene will flaunt its many colorful feathers like a peacock in heat, on acid, while drunk. More than 20 homemade floats toting DJ-manned sound systems will entice the public to boogie along the parade route from Market and Second Street to Civic Center, which for one day only will magically transform from its normal scene -- something like Calcutta -- into a beautiful outdoor discothèque. As if that's not enough, beginning today, club promoters all over San Francisco will host parties during what's being dubbed "Love Week." But clubbing and parading is sort of old hat in San Francisco, because we've always had a whole lot to celebrate (helloooo, the Bay Area's only Hooters? [Dublin doesn't count]). So in the interest of spicing up this week's... More >>>