Besides Madonna and John Travolta, there are few people in popular culture who know more about the power of reinvention than Anne Rice. Fans were understandably shocked when the mass-market fiction world's reigning queen of the damned made the announcement recently that she'll be supplanting a longtime literary interest in the undead with a series of novels about eternal life -- specifically the life of Jesus Christ. The author's instinct for transformation is also evident in her earlier work. Rice's best-selling series of "Vampire Chronicles" books might seem a little long in the tooth today, with its homoerotic overtones and Prada-wearing devils. Yet it arguably altered the way in which contemporary audiences think about the nature of evil. For instance, you won't catch any of Rice's fashion-conscious befanged ones hissing "I vant to suuuck your blood" before they go in for the kill. Neither do her creatures of the night fear crosses, garlic, or stakes. Instead, their greatest... More >>>