San Francisco is overrun with meat-market clubs and parties peddling your garden-variety dance jams: commercial hip hop, nth-generation ragga and dancehall, mainstream house, and Burning Man-styled tribal trance. So as an alternative, it's damn cool that Blasthaus has opened its second and newest space, BOCA. Located where Jessie and Mary streets meet, in a moody little alley that sits just off of 5th, BOCA — short for Bar of Contemporary Art — is a 2,000-square-foot combination dance club, bar, restaurant, and art gallery. It sports an open-plan design, with concrete floors, elevated ceilings, expansive wall space for exhibiting art, large storefront windows, and a sparse collection of tables 'n' chairs. In all honesty, it's an aesthetic — which I'll tag "elegance d'industriale" — that isn't anything out of the ordinary when considering the modern urban landscape and this city's love for the... More >>>