"This is the shit. This is what it's all about," says a scruffy-faced "Cool" Chris Veltri. The fabled crate-digger and proprietor of SF's legendary vinyl emporium Groove Merchant is referring to one of his recent finds, procured on a trip to Austin, Texas. Casually, he eases an LP from a record jacket that says "Houston Talent Show Expo '82," then deftly places the wax (which Veltri paid $100 for a sealed copy of without listening to it beforehand) on a Technics 1200 turntable located on top of the sales counter. A slithery, shimmery, but quite obscure funk groove oozes out of the monitors; the song sounds a little like early Cameo. Veltri lets it play for a couple of minutes, then slides his recent acquisition back into the jacket,... More >>>