Vancouverís metal czar 3 Inches of Blood employs two vocalists for double the theatrical impact. Cam Pipes goes for the operatic histrionics, allowing his voice to alternately soar to the Rob Halford heavens and gnash tales of beasts with distain. His fiery falsettos compliment Jamie Hooper, who doesnít scream as much as inhale deeply and unleash an inhumanly demonic storm gale, texturizing the songs with aggressive brutality. The instrumentation is no less bruising, as lyrics of bloodlust and violence find action in galloping warhorse riffs and a fierce rhythm section. 3 Inches of Blood perform with Matador Recordsí metal mavens Early Man on Thursday, July 6, at Slimís at 9 p.m. Admission is $13; call 255-0333 or visit for more i... More >>>