Though delightful to us terminally single folk, the depressing television dating-game genre has gotten unsightly over the years. From its halcyon days of The Dating Game (on which mustached gentlemen asked quaint questions of shy contestants, like, "What would you consider to be the perfect date?") to today's Elimi-Date and MTV's Next (on which not-so-shy women give each other awkward Sapphic tongue baths to please their alpha douche-bag suitors), the attempt to capture and exploit the courting process on video has been both amusing and discouraging, with an underlying waft of bullshit. San Francisco-based online video site GoFish (the RC Cola to YouTube's Coke) adds another dimension to this theme with its oddly titled America's Dream Date. I say "odd" because the Web-only show seems less like two people trying to find soul mates and more like auditions to become the next... More >>>