There's a lot I like about Bong Su, the stylish new Vietnamese restaurant south of Market. I find its decor not only chic and amusing, but, with its many changes rung on earth tones, and earthy components such as wood and stone, soothing and comfortable. Every detail has been carefully thought out. Before your meal begins, you enter through a door graced with a sculptural representation in golden metal of the plumeria flower that is the restaurant's namesake (bong su). At the end of the repast, your check is brought to the table in a beautiful lacquer box, nestled next to a fragrant plumeria blossom that you're invited to take home with you, which somehow didn't feel kitschy to me and that's a tribute to the two pleasant, relaxing meals I had at Bong Su: The girl who entered the restaurant usually associates gift flowers in restaurants with gardenias floating in oversized silly drinks... More >>>