In this golden age of street art, where JR and Banksy are embraced from the slums of Brazil to the Hollywood Hills, we've gotten spoiled by the sheer volume of indelible imagery that's popped up on buildings, sidewalks, and other public vistas around the world. ROA, an artist from Belgium who specializes in intricately drawn animals, has contributed to this embarrassment of riches with his pastiche of birds, rabbits, squirrels and other wide-eyed creatures that stare down from urban canvases across the globe. "Dominant Species," ROA's exhibit at 941Geary, is a rare chance to see his work at an indoor venue, where he's created a Darwinian world of life and death that features actual animal parts (feathers, skeletal remains, a severed bird's foot), scattered gun casings, and bull's-eyes, revealing animals' interior lives and the exterior lives of... More >>>