Not many bands have the bravado to sell a $100,000 box set housed in a refrigerator, but then again, the Residents aren't just any band. In a city with a musical history that tends toward the eccentric, this San Francisco outfit enjoys a reputation as the weirdest of the weird. This, after all, is the group whose members appeared in public only as cyclops-like top-hat-and-tuxedo-wearing eyeball-men. Last Christmas marked the 40th anniversary of "Santa Dog," the group's demented first single, and to celebrate it, the Residents released an infomercial on their website advertising the sale of 10 refrigerator-housed "Ultimate Box Sets" — each $100,000 set containing every release in the group's catalog, an eyeball mask, and other memorabilia — along with one $5 million mystery box. Those prices might seem pretty steep, but as Residents' lead vocalist, Randy, says in the video, "Have a bake sale! Break open those penny jars! Sell a goddamn... More >>>