This will not be an interview with Sky Ferreira. Not much of one, anyway. The shapeshifting Los Angeles pop starlet released one of the best songs of 2012 with her melancholy stab at disco-pop, "Everything Is Embarrassing," and now, apparently, she is very busy. She is too busy to be interviewed by phone from London (so we're told by her publicist, with apologies), and also too busy to contribute much more than one-word answers to a list of e-mailed questions. We asked, for instance, about her view on why the slight, noirish "Everything Is Embarrassing" — which debuted on Pitchfork in August and landed on many lists of 2012's best singles — became a sleeper hit. Especially since the 20-year-old Ferreira has been on a major label for five years, without anything else making... More >>>