NFL free agent/enfant terrible Chad Johnson (aka Chad Ochocinco) has had several run-ins with the rap world, having repeatedly chilled with Lil Wayne, and (jokingly?) sparred with Game, Joe Budden, and Wale on Twitter. With French Montana's recent "Ocho Cinco," Johnson is immortalized in proudly superficial banger form. The Moroccan-American Bronx resident born Karim Kharbouch uses Johnson's August 2012 headbutting incident as a springboard for goofy blowjob jokes and puns, a big and beefy club-pleasing beat, and, as Montana is wont to do, hosting many a guest rapper. The song is a fine way to catch up with the dopey party starter, Coke Boys member, advocate of "Haaanhhh" (that's his catchphrase), and bling-and-cash enthusiast before Montana's... More >>>