They are veteran street artists who call themselves the "Ex-Vandals" — a name that suggests they once vandalized private property with tags and unsightly graffiti. Maybe they did. And maybe they were chased by police with guns. But that's all in the past. The Ex-Vandals are older now — some are middle-aged, some are parents with kids — and they're doing street art that is both cutting-edge and (gasp!) family friendly. Their most prolific San Francisco project, a mural that fronts the old Pagoda Theater across from Washington Square Park, is devoted to the Giants' 2012 World Series title. Every day, tourists snap their photos in front of the Ex-Vandals' creation, which has become one of North Beach's most notable artistic landmarks. "People call it 'the Giants mural in North Beach,' but I'd like them to call it 'the Ex-Vandals' Giants mural,'" says one of the Ex-Vandals, Nate Tan, who's known in street-art... More >>>