It's not like Biergarten needs any more press; a visit to the Hayes Valley beer garden (a spinoff of uberpopular Suppenkche down the street) on a sunny afternoon will tell you that. There are almost always lines spilling out from the chain-link fence that separates the bar from Octavia Street and the urbane Patricia's Green park across the way. Inside the fence, a happy mix of young and old, hip and not-so-hip S.F. residents raise liters of beer, eat sausages and deviled pickled eggs, and on colder evenings, huddle under wool blankets provided by the bar. Biergarten is approaching its year-and-a-half anniversary, and nature has smoothed some of the prison-yard starkness of the place when it first opened: There are now vines growing on the fence and a nicely filled-out tree in the middle that acts as a hub for strings of cafe lights. Squint a little and you... More >>>