When Shotwell's first opened over 120 years ago it had the adorable sobriquet, the Schlichtmann & Bredhofy Grocery Saloon, which was some sort of Deutch one-stop shop and home of the "backroom grog shop" if you were in need of a blitz-essen mit Bier. Naturally, in 1906 everything changed when the city was leveled and a firestorm ripped through it. According to Shotwell's website, after the earthquake hit, San Francisco got really conservative for the first and probably last time and regulated how many saloons were allowed to operate (answer: not many). The grocery store luckily made the cut. The city fathers also decided that combining groceries with liquor was bad for the children, so Herr Schlichtmann nixed the food and just sold booze. Nowadays of course kids are again allowed in most bars if food is served, so the immoral have prevailed. Good thing there are no children in... More >>>