Fat Mike is way more responsible than you think he is. He's like that guy who got you high every day before math class, yet mysteriously aced the final you failed, neglecting to inform you that he was hitting the books while you hit the snack cakes. Most people think of him as a mohawk-wearing, pill-popping BDSM enthusiast who can't always remember the words to NOFX's deep catalog of infectious pop-punk. He'd rather you focus on that than the fact that he's built an empire with his label Fat Wreck Chords — one he skillfully stewarded through the record industry's ongoing collapse — sold millions of his own band's records, and managed to raise a happy and healthy daughter in addition. But what kind of notorious rowdiness will NOFX get up to when it plays the Warfield on New Year's Eve? We got the band's 46-year-old San Francisco-dwelling leader on the... More >>>