At last we have a proper if brief release for the feature debut of director Steph Green, a Bay Area native, who was in town with it for the San Francisco Irish Film Festival last year. Green's large-hearted drama seems all the more appealing for its lack of fanfare. With an in-house American neuropsychologist observing for a case study, an Irish housewife grasps at family coherence in the wake of her husband's stroke. Fortunately for her, she's played by Maxine Peake with a tasteful medley of allure and fortitude. As a movie heroine, Peake is very charming: As a coping wife, a harried mom, an actual woman, she's plausible. The doctor is played by a hangdog, sweater-vested Will Forte, wearing one of those beards that Robin Williams used to put on as a way of saying, "I'm going to be serious now." And it's true that... More >>>