"You sure you want to know, Katy?" says my friend Megan. She sees dead people, and has since she was a little girl. She's just told me that she has seen "presences" in my house. Do I want to know if I have ghosts? "Yes," I decide. She tells me that she sees a spirit go in and out of my bedroom often, as if it is checking on me. It's not evil (phew) but it is anxious. She also confesses that when she stayed in my spare room after her marriage disintegrated — a sad, traumatic time for her — a "bad" spirit ripped all of her bedding off her one night and then shoved it up into her face, to suffocate her. She swears it was only feeding off the "low vibration" that her depression was emitting, and that there are no demons in my house. Again, phew. I'm not sure I'm convinced of all of this stuff, but I guess I believe it on some level, because all of it has left me very grateful that I have a dog. Surely the Prince of Darkness's henchmen will... More >>>