East Bay experimental artist Jim Kaiser once operated as Petit Mal, but the moniker eventually shifted to signify his record label. A French term for a brief seizure, "petit mal" basically translates to "small evil," which befits the imprint's primary format: 3-inch CDs. As Kaiser tells it, Petit Mal's evolution from his personal label to an outlet for the work of others was out of his hands. If it was a printing mistake that he chose to roll with, that would fit, since sculpting the conditions for error could describe much of Kaiser's sonic output. His techniques include tape cut-ups, field recordings, manipulating radio interference, and other rigorous investigations of sound's occurrence and decay. If Kaiser has a signature motif, though, it's the bicycle wheel, an object from which he's extracted evocative and disquieting drones for the last 17 years. Kaiser performs with the Kamoto Trio and... More >>>