For several years, Seattle duo TheeSatisfaction has been performing music that's rooted in a love of Chaka Khan vocals and a fascination with Miles Davis trumpet riffs. Not surprisingly, these spacey, spare sounds — a blend of Afrofuturism, soul, R&B, and hip-hop — appeared on the 2011 debut album from similarly-minded Shabazz Palaces. Both artists have helped redefine Sub Pop, a label most often identified with grunge and indie rock. When TheeSatisfaction brings its Black Weirdo party to Oakland this week, members Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White will perform alongside guest artists Gifted Gab of Seattle, Richmond MC Gizzle McFly, and Bay Area dancer Jocquese Whitfield. The two bandmates established Black Weirdo as a pro-LGBTQ party that celebrates black music, art, and dance. "You walk into the party expecting to have a gratifying experience, and you leave with just that because the vibes are so damn good," Irons says. "Never will we discriminate anyone from attending the party as long as... More >>>